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Balto-Slavic languages

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Sources[ edit ] Researchers know relatively little about the Eastern Slavs prior to approximately AD, when the first events recorded in the Primary Chronicle occurred. The Eastern Slavs of these early times apparently lacked a written language. The few known facts come from archaeological digs, foreign travellers’ accounts of the Rus’ land, and linguistic comparative analyses of Slavic languages. Very few native Rus’ documents dating before the 11th century none before the 10th century have survived.

The earliest major manuscript with information on Rus’ history, the Primary Chronicle , dates from the late 11th and early 12th centuries. It lists twelve Slavic tribal unions which, by the 10th century, had settled in the later territory of the Kievan Rus between the Western Bug , the Dniepr and the Black Sea: Early Slavs There is no consensus among scholars as to the urheimat of the Slavs.

In the first millennium AD, Slavic settlers are likely to have been in contact with other ethnic groups who moved across the East European Plain during the Migration Period. Between the first and ninth centuries, the Sarmatians , Huns , Alans , Avars , Bulgars , and Magyars passed through the Pontic steppe in their westward migrations.

Although some of them could have subjugated the region’s Slavs, these foreign tribes left little trace in the Slavic lands.

Gratis Porr. Det bästa porr plats i världen,

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Geographically, Eastern Europe represents a huge area and as a result of sheer size is a melting pot of some very exotic and sensual races. Armies, missionaries, and merchants have trod the roads passing through here for centuries. And wherever warriors and traders travel, they mix with the local women; and the results are evident in the faces, personalities, and beauty of the women you find from the Ukraine to Russia to the Czech Republic.

But, it’s more than that. You also get a culture that still lionizes family and society closeness. Maybe what it was like in America 50 years ago. Well, my friend, you can still experience that in many places in Eastern Europe. Go to any public square on a July night, and you’ll see whole families, from grandparents to babies, sitting and eating, drinking, and laughing together. But Eastern European dating is a bit broad, right?

So, let’s zero in on specific countries and see what delights you can find in a couple of the area’s best hunting grounds. Did you know Russia has nine time zones, and before some consolidation in March , they had 11? So, you can literally be chatting with Russian women anytime of the day or night. And what’s even more interesting?

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Dating agency “Slav Parties”. Slav Parties : Odessa Ukraine +38 w Average score: Complains: You can help us create a White List and a Black List! Unlike other Rusian antiscam sites we give individuals and agencies listed on our website a chance to dispute their placement here.

The backlash the festival organizers faced involved a number of protests, including from the Montreal chapter of Black Lives Matter, and several artists of color who were slated to appear at the festival cancelling their performances, and by extension, their support. Moses Sumney was one of the musicians who pulled out , writing in an Instagram post earlier this week that after learning about the organizers and artists behind the SLAV production continuing to defend the show’s presence despite criticism from local activists and artists, he could no longer “present [my] music [at that same festival] in good conscience.

The festival’s organizers and the controversial project’s directors Robert Lepage and Betty Bonifassi, for their part, continued to defend the show publicly, citing colorblindness while everyone else cited actual, tangible racism. And in case you need this reminder, Bonifassi also once created a show several years ago based on Black slave hymns as a way of illuminating her experience as the child of a Serbian mother, “people who were enslaved throughout history by other Europeans,” saying also that she felt particularly “touched by slavery.

When confronted by people’s outrage, she offered this gem: Montreal Jazz Festival canceled the most popular show there an unfortunate truth , saying that they were “shaken and strongly affected by all the comments received. Hopefully white people finally learn that they can’t play African-American slaves?

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One may have, at a given time, an indefinite number of slaves, but only one Free Companion.

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Why not for example include Armenia? Or even Cyprus with human habitation dating back to the paleolithic era? Looking at the original map from eupedia. Ferhan Hi Harry , Turkish empire had been spread in Europe more than years. Turns out Turks are practically Greeks and Albanians with a dash of purple.

Jan 14,  · To shed more light on the processes leading to crystallization of a Slavic identity, we investigated variability of complete mitochondrial genomes belonging to haplogroups H5 and H6 (63 mtDNA genomes) from the populations of Eastern and Western Slavs, including new samples of Poles, Ukrainians and Czechs presented here.

The next Greek reference to the ”Keltoi” is by Herodotus in the mid 5th century B. He says that “the river Ister Danube begins from the ”Keltoi” and the city of Pyrene and so runs that it divides Europe in the midst now the ”Keltoi” are outside the Pillars of Heracles Rock of Gibraltar and border upon the Kynesians, who dwell furthest towards the sunset West of all those who have their dwelling in Europe “. According to Greek mythology, ”Celtus” was the son of Heracles and ”Keltine” , the daughter of ”Bretannus”.

Celtus became the eponymous ancestor of Celts. The latter were long divided linguistically into Goidhels and Brythons, although other research provides a more complex picture. Another complication is that in the case of the Romans, Gaul Latin Gallia is a historical name used in the context of the Roman Empire in references to the region of Western Europe approximating present day France and Belgium, but also sometimes including the Po Valley, western Switzerland, and the parts of the Netherlands and Germany on the west bank of the River Rhine.

In the third century B.

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Great Moravia was the first major Slavic state, A. Created in the 9th century by a Byzantine monk Saint Cyril. When their migratory movements ended, there appeared among the Slavs the first rudiments of state organizations, each headed by a prince with a treasury and a defense force.

Dating “The Announcement of the Gospel” to the Early Middle Ages, the author links its appearance to the formation of European nationalities, to the transition of the Slav .

Sullivan, the former Chief Judge of the U. Freeh, former director of the FBI. The firm conducts independent investigations in a variety of companies, and Sullivan enthralled the audience with case studies of alleged embezzlement and bribery by multi-billion dollar firms. Evaluate the Risk, 2. Find the Truth, and 3. Sullivan noted that external organizations should be engaged in order to investigate; internal investigations have neither credibility, nor are effective at finding the truth.

Once the truth is found—should the accusations prove true—the firm must act immediately by taking responsibility and holding those involved accountable. Sometimes the accusations prove to be unfounded, as Sullivan found in the case of the company Slav AG, which operates partly out of Vienna. Slav AG was accused in the media see Der Standard, for example of money laundering and of possible human rights violations due to ties with former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich, who was involved in the violent suppression of protestors in the Ukrainian Revolution.

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