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Dreams of air represent freedom or escape from limitations. Clear air and blue sky denotes success and happiness. But if the air is misty,stormy,cold or hot,it is indication of unhappiness and troubles. Dream of an animal shows a parallel mental and emotional state of the dreamer i.

Jul 18,  · -According to astrogyan website. The website offers online horoscope generation, daily prediction, Dasha prediction, yearly prediction, rashi character, ruling planet information, gem stone information, Question & Answer based prediction, Lost & Found prediction, Marriage matching, Dream interpretation etc.

Dasha Koot mean 10 points or 10 Porutham. If the 10 Porutham of the girl and the boy have a good match, it is considered a match made in heaven. Rasi Porutham Rasi means zodiac signs in Tamil Astrology. In Thirumana Porutham, Rasi Porutham involves testing the compatibility between the zodiac signs of the two individuals. A blissful and happy life is promised to those whose Rasi are found to be compatible. The Rasi or zodiac sign of a person is determined by the position of the Moon at the time of birth, which in turn determines their character and physical characteristics.

As such, it is important for the Rasi of the individuals who are planning for a wedlock to share a cordial bond with each other. Rasi Porutham comes as a useful remedy when other much complicated Porutham do not match. Normally, a match is considered to be most appropriate if the Rasi of the girl or the boy is in 7th position.

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Scorpio Horoscope for Year ‘ ‘ Scorpio Love You may find your love life getting solemnized during the year Your heart will have a voice of its own and give you a signal every time something important is to happen in your love life. Family front would be most peaceful and tranquil, allowing you to do things your way Scorpio Career Your broad mind and courage help you to overcome the situations which have been troubling you in the past.

Career development and achieving target will be smooth and will keep you motivated for the next goal. Opportunities would sure come your way right from the start of the year

Match making astrology – Rich man looking for older man & younger woman. I’m laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I’m a woman. My interests include staying up late and taking naps. How to get a good man. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman.

Numerology Get Price In this system, each planet is assigned a given number. First we discuss the months and their planetary numbers. The months and their planetary numbers: The Earth revolving once upon its own axis in each 24 hours causes the whole of the 13 signs of the Zodiac in their tune to pass over each portion of the Earth once each 24 hours. The Moon revolves round the earth in the lunar month of 28 days. This wonderful mechanism, is exactly like the hour hand, minute hand and the second hand of the clock.

It is ruled by Planet Mars in its positve aspect, and has the 9 for its number. It is ruled by the planet Venus in its positive aspect, and has the 6 for its number. It is ruled by the planet Mercury in its positive aspect and has the 5 for its number.


For centuries, humans have looked to the heavens for guidance. Astrology is, put simply, the study of the correlation between the astronomical positions of the planets and events on earth. Astrologers believe that the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets at the time of a person’s birth have a direct influence on that person’s character.

Palmistry is a method of interpreting the shape of the hand and the lines of the palm, to project the character and possible life experiences of an individual. The science is divided into two broad areas: the study of hand structure, or cheirology, and the study of the lines of the palm, or cheiromancy.

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पाएँ हिन्दी में निःशुल्क जन्म कुंडली / मुफ़्त ऑनलाइन हिन्दी कुण्डली सॉफ़्टवेयर

So the powerful mantra chants are done to turn around the difficult times in our lives by clearing in layers the Rahu and Ketu Doshas Rahu and Ketu are two Vedic Astrological Planets who will bottle up all the good planets between them, denying or delaying to an extreme extent the benefits of your work or relationships. The video starts with a beautiful view of the GuruVayur Temple and some of the scenes to highlight the serene beauty of South India. Then it shows the Venkataa Chalapati Temple Complex which is over years old.

Online Indian Vedic astrology Reading of your birth chart, Love Marriage Compatibility Report, Indian Vedic Horoscope, Vedic Astrology Birth Chart, Daily Free Monthly Horoscope by Pandit Punarvasu.

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Vedic Varshaphala Kundali. What is Varshaphala? The Varshaphala or the the Vedic Yearly Astrology system makes a progressed yearly kundali for the person. The Varshaphala predicts how the individual’s year is going to be. Get Your Varshaphala. Get your Varshaphala. Person .

FaceBook Twitter Chinese zodiac is used for Chinese horoscopes which is based on twelve animal signs, one animal for each year in the twelve year Chinese calendar. Love Chart can be seen by using Chinese Horoscope and Match Calculator can be used by entering birth date. According to Chinese belief, each person has the personality of an animal and that is decided by the year they were born in.

For example, If anyone is born in year so as per Chinese calendar, the sign of the Ox is assigned. Some animals are more compatible in the nature than others are. For example, in nature the pig and the snake are enemies. The snake is trampled by the pig if the snake dose not eat the pig. In the Chinese horoscope, the partner who is the Snake will dominate over the one who is the Pig, leading to a one-sided relationship where the Pig is miserable. Though, if the Pig is strong enough, it will manipulate things where it is in control and evens the odds.

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Jupiter’s aspect will be on 4th , 6th and 8th houses, Saturn will also be giving its aspect on 4th house so buying of property etc is possible in this year. Jupiter’s aspect will be good for promotion etc if you are working some where. Saturn Sade Sati is continuing in your Chart. You should stick to the commitments and should not lose patience on major issues.

Jupiter in transit is crossing over the 12th from your Moon-sign.

Astrogyan – Upon getting divine blessings and inspiration from the most pious shrine Devisharnam and vital encouragement from the knowledge of Indian astrology.

Education is the most significant element in a person’s life. Everybody wishes to obtain an excellent education, it is the schooling which is the foundation of one’s career. Regardless of whether an individual would be inclined to mechanical, biological, instrumental, mathematics, physical science or astronomy, etc, this decision is greatly controlled by the planets. The initial stages of learning are may be simple, as the subject areas tend to be mandatory.

A few of the dilemma that people face Would I manage to clear the examinations? Would I be picked for the scholarship or the grant? How well would I fare in this particular exam? Does my destiny hold a foreign degree for me in future? Which field of education should I elect? Would this particular area of learning help in establishing my career? Why am I failing to get great results despite studying so hard? The Education Report is organized from the information supplied by you i.

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If you are already a registered member, please type-in the User Name and Password above to login. If you are having problems, please click on Help! What is Horoscope Matching? Horoscope Matching is the match-making module based on the traditional system of finding the possible compatibity between a couple for marriage.

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Sukra Peyarchi What is the method used to prepare the horoscope? The horoscope is prepared using the drik ganitha method of astrology, following the rules and the sunrise and sunset times of the place and time for which the horoscope is being generated. How do I identify my Lagna in the horoscope chart? Sure, you can get your horoscope chart in tamil. Very soon, you will be getting your horoscope in Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi. Other Indian language horoscopes will be launched later on.

How is the horoscope generated? This is a computer jathagam, generated instantly, by the ePanchang jathagam engine. Tamil computer jathagam is also available.

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Contact We are blessed with in depth understanding of the astrology and have emerged as one of the most reliable and competent service providers of Horoscope, Matchmaking, Numerology, Muhurat, Pooja Yagya, Vastu and Palmistry services. The given service array is trusted by a lot of people owing to attributes like result oriented nature, flexibility, dependability and the tendency to give maximum benefits to clients. Our aim is develop close understanding of the life and problems of clients and make sure that solutions offered prove highly accurate for them.

With our profound domain expertise and support of highly knowledgeable team of astrologers, consultants and palm readers we have accomplished a respectable feat in the industry.

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