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Fiction M – English – Romance – Words: It was a normal day around the London apartment of Dan and Phil. Phil had just gotten back from filming around town. Dan had come down with something and that was why Phil was out on the town. Not only to film, but to find some flu medicine for his sickly chum. Phil had entered the house; kicking off his shoes and grabbing a spoon for the medicine. He then headed over to Dan s room with the medicine and table-spoon in hand. He knocked on Dan s door, waiting for his consent to enter. Dan had said after Phil s couple of knocks.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

When it comes to the deep, dark universe that is the internet, it’s generally accepted that Dan Howell and Phil Lester reign supreme. Sort of like the online answer to Kimye. If that’s brought a proud tear to your eye, then it’s probably about time we all take a trip down memory lane to relive the best phandom moments of all time.

Daniel Howell (born June 11, ) and Philip Lester (born January 30, ) better known as Dan and Phil are English YouTubers and radio personalities best known for their aptly titled show on BBC Radio 1: Dan and Phil.

You can call me tracy. I’m just another mildly obsessive member of the phandom who wants to make other people happy: Your smile was as bright as the sun that belted down on your backs. Neither of you complained of the heat though, it reminded you of your childhood Summers and Dan never got sunburned anyway.

He was taken aback by the initial vastness of the countryside. He never thought of this as your type of upbringing. You kept walking until you reached a lake with tire swing hanging from a rope over it. The two of you sit on the bank with your feet in the water and you tell him stories of your youth. They brightened up his face the same way they did yours. You walked back down a dusty track when night fell.

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The fact that Wirrow of all people replied to this is where it gets even more interesting. Now again, this could have been passed off as just a general statement about not sharing private stuff on the internet.. He made a joke and the way Dan reacted to it caused all this shit. But acting the way he did, then deleting all of it and Charlie, that is what made the whole thing explode and look incredibly suspicious.

Feb 02,  · The Valentines Day video was Phil talking about all the fun and how much he was in love with Dan. Dan at the time was in India and Phil had “5 hours with nothing to do” so he posted the video on LessAmazingPhil of which Dan had had the password : Resolved.

We Are Savvy This series follows four young internet aficionados as they uncover all of the fun, weird and otherwise exciting things the web has to offer. Your children will feel inspired by the fact that kids their age are leading the show’s DIYs, interviews and introducing other online finds. This series from College Humor parodies our dependence on phones, Uber, Amazon and more — YouTube itself is no exception.

In fact, 6 billion hours of video are consumed on YouTube each month. This might not be the series to watch with your youngest kids, but older ones will get it. Common Sense Media recommends “Bad Internet” for kids 16 and older. Furze World Wonders Colin Furze is an inventor with quite a lot of brainpower to spare. Kings of Atlantis The youngest of YouTubers will love this cartoon series.

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Dan’s full name is Daniel James Howell. Phil’s full name is Philip Michael Lester. Phil’s youtube channel is AmazingPhil.

Dan gets Christian dating tips from a ride-sharing driver and explores what various Scottish dogs might sound like. The gang’s role playing characters level up and face a new foe! Featuring Dan Harmon, Jeff Davis and Spencer Crittenden.

Create New The Sims 4 Note: This Sims playthrough does technically have a plot, and that plot is full of bizarre and significant events, so technically, there are unmarked spoilers here. Watching first is recommended. Phil calling Dil a “lazy oaf” when he’s sleeping in. The porcelain pig sculpture they buy for Dil at the beginning of the series, which becomes a frequent note of interest in relation to the rest of the scene.

Dan and Phil keep forgetting to turn off Dil’s radio, leading to high bills and nearly-lethal repair attempts. Ever since getting the panda suit at Granite Falls, Dil tends to change into it after bathing. Tabitha’s tendency to make microwave pastries for herself, to the point that it’s almost the only food she eats. Phil tells Dan to place the bathroom near the bedroom so Dil won’t have to pee in the sink, like someone he knew at university. Dan is confused, for a moment thinking that Sims can actually do that, and questions Phil’s assertions that it wasn’t him.

When looking at the most expensive bedroom option, Phil says “I would make so many babies in that. When Phil is mousing over the rooms, Dan questions why they would need a kid’s room.

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Zikmund attended the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, earning an education degree. He played halfback for the Cornhuskers, scoring a touchdown in the Rose Bowl, and was a track competitor. Upon graduation in , Zikmund served as a naval lieutenant, commanding regiments of officer candidates at Columbia University, where he spent most of his naval career.

He was an Associate Professor of Physical Education and served as athletic director for 17 years, retiring in Al and Verlene enjoyed traveling throughout the country during their retirement.


In the video Phil was telling Dan how much he meant to him and just recallinng memories they had together the past few months. They met in real life in October of , video was made on Feb 14, Anyways Phil posted it to his channel but put it under private so that only Dan could see it since Dan had Phil’s password. Then in October of the video was accidently unprivated because of the glitches youtube was having.

Arguably one of the best things to happen on YouTube is when two big-time stars decide to collab for a video. Those vids tend to be hilarious and it’s awesome to .

How fun that they went on tours, visiting all sorts of cities though really, who drew that route for the tour? My second Dan and Phil book, and I loved it as much as I did the previous book. I still am quite clueless about the hype surrounding Dan and Phil, still haven’t watched any of their Youtube stuff, I didn’t even know they had a tour, or multiple tours, but when I saw this book at the library which is a miracle on itself I just had This was yet another hilarious Dan and Phil book.

I still am quite clueless about the hype surrounding Dan and Phil, still haven’t watched any of their Youtube stuff, I didn’t even know they had a tour, or multiple tours, but when I saw this book at the library which is a miracle on itself I just had to grab it and take it with me. I was hoping for a lot of hilarity like with the previous book yep, lots of hilarity happened.

I was curious what they would be doing outside, which turned out to be touring, but also visiting the cities where there tour stopped. I have to say I most enjoyed those parts. They sure have a thing with squirrels. The tour bus parts were also perfect my word that bus is humongous o.

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